SA Celebrant Services | What you need to know when getting married
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Getting married, what’s required?

Marriage in Australia is a fairly easy and straightforward process, there are legal requirements that must be adhered to and the creation of a wedding ceremony unique to the couple.  I will work with you every step of the way to ensure that all legal requirements are fulfilled and that you are totally satisfied with your wedding ceremony.

You will need to provide a birth certificate or a passport, if a birth certificate is used then you also need other photo identification such as a driver’s licence.  If you have changed your name, been divorced or your spouse is deceased then you need to provide the appropriate certificates as proof.

People born overseas with documents in a foreign language need to have them translated by an accredited service provider.  Best speak with a celebrant to get all the facts.

There are a number of documents that need to be completed and signed, firstly the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM), needs to be completed, signed and witnessed by the celebrant or another approved signatory.  Other forms are also completed prior to the ceremony, then signed and witnessed during the ceremony (the signing) All this is discussed at the initial meeting.

Many celebrants are booked well in advance, sometimes over 12 months so you need to make sure you secure your celebrant early.

Adelaide wedding celebrant Ian Ward